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Kids Affirmation Kit

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Kids Affirmation Kits are designed to help your children understand the world around them and their part in it.

By using the cards and beads your children can learn to understand their part in the world around them, their responsibilities and limitations. Using the positive short affirmations lets children form new ways of thinking, new ways of interacting and news ways of creating all that they are involved in.

Gently taking one affirmation at a time and working with it for 21 days while marking progress on their charts helps children to understand that things take time, take action and take patience and introduces the concept of them taking responsibility for what they can control, and letting go of what they can't.

This helps children set and recognise boundaries, helps them find and hone new skills and lets them be more compassionate and accepting of the differences in us all.

Each set comes with an instruction cars, progress chart, 8 sets of affirmations and a set of beads to help count each day.

Categories are:-
The World

*paper used is non toxic and recyclable
**beads used are acrylic
*** beads are threaded onto cotton thing meaning they are suitable for vegans

Image of Kids Affirmation Kit Image of Kids Affirmation Kit
Image of Adult Affirmation Kit Image of Adult Affirmation Kit
Adult Affirmation Kit
£12.50 — On sale
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